Paradigms Lost in Morocco

Summer Academy participant Koenraad Bogeart has published an article titled “Paradigms Lost inMorocco: How Urban-Mega Projects Should Disturb our Understanding of Arab Politics” at  Bogeart describes in his article urban mega projects, such as Casablanca’s Marina.

He says: “Urban mega-projects such as Casablanca Marina are all about the promise of a better world. If the project manages to ‘bring in’ globalization then it will stimulate growth, generate employment, and bring about development. Of course, the urban developer’s story is not neutral or apolitical. It represents a particular kind of development, a particular kind of urbanism. The regeneration of Casablanca reflects a hegemonic project, one that very much resembles other urban projects around the globe and fits perfectly within neoliberal strategies of development.”

 Please find the whole article here.

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