Nora Lafi

is a researcher at ZMO (Zentrum Moderner Orient), Berlin since 2006. She is a Historian of the Ottoman Empire with a focus on the study of cities of the Ottoman Empire between the classical age and the reforms of the 19th century, with a specific focus on the local forms of urban governance.  Nora did her PhD at the Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France and a Master in Arabic Language and Literature (Aix-en-Provence University and Cairo University). She is also a Private Dozentin with the Freie Universität Berlin

She is a founding member of Europe in the Middle East – The Middle East in Europe (EUME). In 2004/05 she was a Fellow of the predecessor of EUME, the Working Group Modernity and Islam (AKMI). Among her publications, she coedited “The City in the Ottoman Empire Migration and the Making of Urban Modernity” (Co-Ed 2011), “Daily Life and Family in an Ottoman Urban Context: Historiographical Stakes and New Research Perspectives” (2011) and “Urban Governance Under the Ottomans: Between Cosmopolitanism and Conflict” (Co-Ed, 2014).

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