Martin Baumeister

holds the post of Director of the German Historical Institute in Rome since 2012. He is Chair of contemporary European history at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität of Munich. After his PhD about social protest in a Spanish latifundia region before the Civil War, he worked as wissenschaftlicher Assistent at Humboldt University of Berlin where he completed his Habilitation about popular culture in World War I. His main research interests include the history of fascism and the era of the two world wars, urban history, and the Mediterranean and Southern Europe as imagined spaces and historical regions. His books include Kriegstheater. Großstadt, Front und Massenkultur 1914 bis 1918 [Theatre of war. Metropolis, front, and mass culture, 1914-1918] (2005); “If you tolerate this…” The Spanish Civil War in the age of total war (2008) (co-ed. with Stefanie Schüler-Springorum) and Die Kunst der Geschichte. Historiographie, Ästhetik, Erzählung [The art of history. Historiography, aesthetics, narrative] (2009) (co-ed. with Moritz Föllmer, Philipp Müller). Currently, he is doing research about the history of Rome after 1945 and writing a history of Italian fascism

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