Özlem Köksal

Özlem Köksal holds a PhD in film studies from Birkbeck College, University of London. Her dissertation focused on the relation between memory and film, looking at films that represent the experience of displacement in relation to Turkey’s minorities. She has published in both Turkish and English, and is the editor of World Film Locations: Istanbul (Intellect, 2012). Her research focuses on the representations of the past in photography, film, and TV.

Özlem Köksal’s project:


Narratives of Taksim and the Gezi Protests in Visual Culture

Over the summer of 2013 Taksim Square of Istanbul, the most important public square in the city, has been at the centre of mass protests and violent clashes with the police. These events put the square at the centre of many discussions about the meaning and the significance of the square, as well as its history, which is complicated and interwoven with contestations. This study aims to analyse various meanings attached to the square, reading different narratives with particular emphasis on the reflection of the past in the articulations and performances of the summer 2013. It will look at different forms of representations such as graffiti, photographs, exhibitions, films and performances. The project aims to reveal various and at times conflicting meanings in this lieu de memoire, highlighting connections and continuities as well as ruptures.



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