Ines Braune

Ines Braune (Philipps Universität Marburg) has a background in Middle Eastern and Media studies and has been researching for some time the culture and media changes with a cultural studies perspective. Having focused on everyday Internet practices of young Moroccans her PhD dissertation dealt with local appropriations of globally available resources. 

Her current research is “Parkour as contentious cultural practice in the Arab World”. Her latest article “Our friend, the internet: Postcolonial mediatization in Morocco”, appeared in Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, 2013 Issue 3.

Ines Braune’s project:

Parkour: Claiming Public Space in Morocco

This research project discusses how Parkour, a global mediatizised youth culture is produced, distributed and appropriated in a Middle Eastern context (Morocco) and it focuses here on the role of public space for the cultural practices of Parkour and vice versa the role of Parkour for the public space in different local Moroccan settings. The topic is approached from a cultural studies perspective and is based on ethnographic field research as well as qualitative interviews which are conducted online and in Morocco.


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